Professional Office or Sales Centers


Bricks and Mortar to Hi-Tech and a combination of both being quite common.   What was a simple business to insure has become much more complex with the Internet, websites, web based businesses and digital business record storage. 


Competitive Insurance markets for the basic coverage needs, for property, business interruption, liability, auto, work comp with valuable enhancements throw in. 


Computer & data  protection &/or insurance for damage to your computers and cost to recreate loss data.   Coverage is available for damage due to  computer hackers malicious damage to your hardware, data files or website.  


"HIPPA" Insurance coverage is now available  for a security breach and loss of your customers personal information & "HIPPA" law compliance. 


Lawsuits for wrongful termination, sexual harassment & discrimination are the #1 source of lawsuits in the US and can be covered with Employment Practices Liability Insurance at a reasonable cost.    


Let's identify what concerns you with your business, what you can do to prevent it or  what it cost to insure it.   Call a profession insurance agent to help you with your business office insurance.   


Professional Liability

Being an accountant, consultant, engineer, lawyer,  or any other professional service provider has many additional risks that a general liability policy does not cover.  A professional liability / errors and omissions policy is necessary for insurance protection if you make an error or mistake in your professional practice.   It picks up coverage for these types of claims including cost of defense and award.   


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