Townhome Association & Condo Association insurance have unique coverage needs that only a few insurance companies provide in Colorado.  


Does your board know what they are responsible for insuring in the master policy? is it “bare walls” or “all in”?   We represent companies that have policies designed just for condo and townhome associations, including directors & officer’s liability insurance. 


The insurance companies will compete for your business with competitive pricing, enhanced coverage and  additional coverage thrown in.  Wind & Hail damage to roofs has become a major issue in Colorado's front range and many companies have demanded a 2 - 3 % deductible (% of total insured building value) that would be amojor cost that you should reserve for.  


There are companies willing to quote a flat deductible for a newer complex and some that only require a 1% wind hail deductible.   Even if your building’s insurance been declined due to being in poor condition, or because you had too many claims we can help.   Give us a call so we can go to work for you.  


Although similar to townhome and condo's, Apartments have their own unique differences such as management practices, maintenance practices & the need for a much larger Business income interruption limit as well as the companies that want your business.   


We must  present your account to the underwriters making sure to identify what you do to minimize your exposure to claims especially outdoor grilling rules and enforcement.    


Your agent will identify the difference in the wind hail deductibles quoted,  that may be a flat amount or could be a percentage deductible of 1 - 3% of total building value which can be a huge cost to your business.