Truckers Insurance - Local to long Haul

Trucking insurance for owner operators or large fleets whether you’re a long haul trucker or local trucker including dump trucks.   


We have insurance companies that specialize in trucking insurance and would like to offer you a competitive quote for your truck & cargo insurance with a promise to make all PUC and ICC insurance filings promptly.  


Insurance Network represent insurance companies that offer prompt claims service nationwide that understand truck repairs  & the importance of  getting you back on the road.    Multi-state truckers with employees have special work comp insurance needs that Pinnacol Assurance doesn't cover, give us a call to discuss.       


Fed. Filings: BMC 90 / BMC 91x      COLO. PUC filings:  E, H, form 12, 14, MCS 90


Truck Cargo Physical Damage  

Whether you pull a flatbed, a dry freight van, cattle or a refrigerated trailer.   The cargo policies coverage can vary a greatly with many restricting what they cover so  make sure you’ve got your load covered before you have an accident or problem with it.


Towers Insurance

Tow truck insurance programs from specialty markets just for your towing business.


Tow Truck insurance offered by insurance companies that specialize in wreckers insurance only.  Auto trucks or flat beds,  Heavy Tow Truck.     On Hook Liability coverage with limits up to $500,000,  garage keepers liability for stored vehicles.  This is unique coverage that can be competitively priced by the right company & we know who they are and how to quote it, Especially Heavy Towers.


Limousine Insurance

There are specialty markets that target limousine taxi service with pricing and coverage especially for your unique business.    


Auto Fleets

Do you want help insuring your large auto fleet?     Some prominent national insurance companies  have become very competitive with their rates for commercial auto fleets.